5 Best Ways To Pack A Collection For Storage

Here at Bradbeers Removals and Storage, we have been helping customers across the Hampshire area and beyond with their storage solutions for decades. Whilst house moves are the most common reason for using our storage facilities, a close second is housing a personal collection.

Over the years we have provided customers as far afield as Romsey, Andover, Southampton, New Milton, Eastleigh, Lymington, Totton, New Forest, Hedge End, Fareham, Chandlers Ford, Ringwood, Salisbury, Bournemouth, and Winchester with tailored self storage solutions for their private collections. Whether its books, clothing, vinyl, jewellery, games consoles, or antiques, we find a storage solution to match.

Storing a collection

We know how much your collection means to you, and the years and effort you have put in to making them what they are. Our bespoke storage facility benefits from 24-hour security surveillance, so the safety of your collection is assured whilst under our roof. That said, there are certain precautions you need to take when packing a collection for storage.

Make an inventory

Nobody knows your items better than you and most collectors have their own system for cataloguing and referencing. Make sure each box has a detailed inventory sheet including in the box itself, with a copy for your own master list. When you put your items into storage, a member of staff will go through the inventory with you, and sign it off to confirm receipt.

Keep it clean

Our self storage units are a neutral environment and suitable for all but the most delicate of items, but you owe it to yourself to clean each piece in your collection before storage. A bit of dust, grease, or damp wrapped up in the same box as your items will easily destroy paper, plastic, metal, fabric, and electronics, if left unchecked. Cleaning is an investment of your time and effort that you cannot afford to ignore.

Use quality packing materials

Here at Bradbeers we have excellent packing materials available for sale that suit most purposes, including durable cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing tape. For certain collections, such as ceramics and figurines, these will prove more than adequate. However, certain items require a more specific packing solution. Whether it’s a fold-out wardrobe for clothing, or polypropylene bags for keeping comics in mint condition, you need to make sure you’re using the best packing materials for your specific needs. A quick search online or a chat with other collectors will steer you in the right direction.

Don’t skimp on the packing

When arranging normal house storage, people tend to stuff as much into a box as possible to save on space. While we’re always keen on efficiency, when it comes to an important collection, we recommend smaller boxes and more of them. This helps to distribute weight more evenly, offers greater protection to your items, and poses less of a threat of accidental damage.

Put us to the test

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