Container & Self Storage

Storage Solutions For Southampton & Hampshire

As well as helping you move house, we can also assist you with any items that you are unable to transport to your new property. It could be that you are only moving temporarily, or that your move is taking you abroad, or simply that you are downsizing to a smaller house.

Whatever the reason, Bradbeers Removals and Storage will put together the ideal storage package for you to keep your important belongings safe and secure for as long as you need them.

We can collect, pack and store your items or you can bring them directly to us.

One man handing a Bradbeers removals cardboard box to a man in a Bradbeers removals van

Customised Storage Solutions for Hampshire & the South East

Whether it is a handful of items, or a whole house worth, we can work out a storage package suitable for your needs. No matter what you intend to put into storage – furniture, documents, the entire contents of your house – we can provide you with a suitable storage unit fit for the purpose. We can send out one of our surveyors to your property to provide a unique, tailored quote with no obligation.

Two men manoeuvring a packing crate into a Bradbeers Removals van

Safe and Secure Self-Storage & Container Storage

We store all your belongings in our state-of-the-art storage facility. Whether you are using our self-storage or container storage facility, we provide a dry and damp-free environment with burglar alarm and 24-hour CCTV. All self-storage and container storage units are safely secure under lock and key – so you can rest easy knowing that your possessions will be safe until you request them again.

Two men wrapping a picture with packing materials with Bradbeers Removals cardboard boxes in the foregraound


To make the most of your storage space, you should ensure that all belongings are securely wrapped and packed prior to storing. We can provide you with packing cartons designed to be easily stacked and fitted into our packing containers, along with wrapping paper and tape to protect your more fragile items.

Man driving a forklift, loading a wooden crate onto the rear of a Bradbeers Removals removal lorry

Long and Short-Term Self-Storage & Container Storage Options

Whether you need us to hold onto your items for a couple of weeks while redecorating or for a few years while you work or study abroad, we will do our best to accommodate you. We welcome all customers who wish to bring their items and use our self-storage option. We place your belongings inside your own container storage unit, which ensures everything is kept secure, clean and free of dust. The advantage of a container storage is that your items are only touched once – when they are put into the container. When the time comes to remove your belongings, we take your container storage unit to the destination of your choice and then unload it outside your property.

Decades of Self-Storage & Container Storage Experience in Southampton, Hampshire & the South East

We have been providing self-storage and container storage solutions to our customers across Southampton and Hampshire for decades. During this time, have built a reputation for security and safety based upon the experiences of our clients, who often recommend us to friends, family and colleagues.

Pursuing Excellence

Your belongings remain fully insured during transit to and from our storage depot, as well as when in our storage facility. We belong to the British Association of Removers and comply with all their codes of practice, making Bradbeers a name you can rely on.

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So call us today, on 01794 523022, and speak to a member of our team about your removals and storage needs. Let us come up with a solution that expertly matches your requirements.