Crucial Questions To Ask Your International Removals Firm

Whether you’re moving abroad for work, study, or family, it is a significant moment in your life. That your emotions are likely all over the place is only to be expected, given the massive life event you’re about to undertake.

What to do?

One way to reduce pre-move stress is to know that the company you’re instructing is up to the job. As one of Hampshire’s top international removal companies, we understand this predicament only too well, which is why we have put together half a dozen crucial questions to ask your overseas removals firm.

What does the quote include?

Some international removal companies will provide a seemingly great quote, only for it to turn out to cover port-to-port shipping only. For your own peace of mind, you need a quotation that covers a full door-to-door service, from picking it up from your UK residence, to dropping it off at your overseas home.

Will they sort out the paperwork?

An important question. While you are ultimately responsible for your own international shipping and all the documentation that entails, your international shipping company should be able to you help you out, whether they complete them, offer advice on doing so, or at the very least, provide you with the forms.

What do you need to do before the international removal vans turn up?

Any home move involves more than just having the removal team load your belongings onto their truck. Do you need to reserve parking for the vans? Do you need to pack or is the removal company arranging that? Will they also be taking apart your furniture, or is that up to you. Answering the questions now will save considerable pain down the line.

When do you need to book in your removals date?

International moves require a bit more forethought than domestic ones, because of the more complicated logistics involved. An experienced international removals firm will be familiar with the likely timescales involved to get all the relevant paperwork, shipping routes, and connections synchronised, and will be able to give you a good estimation.

Is there anything I can’t take with me?

Customs regulations are different all over the world, and you should be aware of any items that might be prohibited, or possibly cause offence in the country to which you’re moving. While this information is usually available at the country in question’s government site, it’s a good sign if your removal company can also answer it for you.

Do they have testimonials from former customers?

You can normally find reviews for your intended removals firm on a number of independent website, including Which?, Trustatrader, and Compare My Move. However, any decent international mover should be happy to provide you with their own, if you ask for them.

Put us to the test

As one of Hampshire’s finest international moving companies, we’re always ready to answer any questions from a potential international mover. Give Bradbeers Removals and Storage a call today on 01794 523 022 to have all of your concerns addressed directly by one of our experienced team members. Don’t forget to ask for your free, no-obligation quote, which we guarantee will not be met by any other international removal companies in the area.