Choose The Best Day Of The Week For Your Moving House

Removal company vs. Man in a Van

As one of the top removal companies in Southampton, we have plenty of advice to give on the practical side of moving house. We can advise the best way to pack up delicate objects, the most effective way to label your various boxes, and even  how to empty your fridge freezer without wasting food. One of the key factors that rarely gets taken into account is not how to move stuff out of your house, but when.

Strange as it may seem, moving house on different days of the week can have a significant impact on how the process goes. How significant? Well, let Southampton’s removal experts walk you through some of the specifics…

Moving on a Monday

Monday is a popular day for moving house and it has several advantages over the rest of the week. First of all, you’ve had a full weekend to get any last-minute packing done, say farewell to the neighbours, and various other little errands. Secondly – and perhaps more importantly – Monday is a psychologically satisfying day to move house. It’s the start of a new week, just as moving house is the start of a new chapter in your life. It just feels right. That said, Monday is a popular day for moving, so if you want to secure a slot, you’ll need to book well in advance.

Moving mid-week

Moving house between Tuesday and Thursday makes a lot of sense. It’s far less popular that Mondays and Fridays, so securing a slot even at late notice should not be too difficult. If you have kids, the odds are they’ll be in school during the day and so out from under your feet. Really, the only disadvantage is that you might need to book some time off work to complete the move. If you’ve already accounted for that, what’s stopping you.

Moving on a Friday

By far the most popular day for moving,like Monday there are plenty of good reasons for doing so. This time around you’ve got the weekend coming up at the end of the move, which gives you more spare time to unpack boxes, put up shelves, and whatever else you need to do to make your new house a home. However, they are really busy days, often booked weeks and months in advance so, unless you’re lucky enough to get  a cancellation, you really are going to have to think ahead when booking.

Moving on a weekend

Don’t do it. Just don’t do it! Although, in theory, a weekend move is a good idea, in reality it can be a nightmare. Not from the move itself, you understand, which is usually fast and flawless with less traffic to contend with. No, the problems arise from everything else. With many businesses and banks being closed on the weekend, and many tradesmen charging a higher weekend rate, if something goes wrong with the house, you either won’t be able to contact the person who can fix it, or they’ll charge you double if you do.

Get in touch

Whatever day of the week you choose to move, Bradbeers Removal and Storage offer time slots on all of them, with sufficient notice. So, if you’re looking to move house in the Southampton area, on any day of the week, give us a call on 01794 523 022, for your free, no-obligation quote.