Top 5 Reasons To Choose The Removal Companies Over Man…

Moving house can be an expensive business, where everything seems to exist solely to drain more of your hard-earned money from your bank account. From security deposits and solicitors’ fees to getting post re-directed or new house keys cut, there’s always something else around the corner.

It’s no wonder some people try to make a saving here or there, including the move itself. With dozens of classified ads in the local paper and online offering man in a van services at rock bottom prices, we can see why people would be swayed in the hope of saving a few quid.

But is it a false economy? Here are a few differences you can expect between the various removal companies in Southampton and the sometimes cheaper services you get from a man in a van.

A removal company will be fully-insured

Removal companies in Southampton will almost certainly be fully-insured for transporting your belongings between properties. This means that, in the unlikely event of your items being lost, damaged, or stolen en route you have some way of recouping the loss. With a man in a van, it’s less clear and you’d be well-advised to inspect their insurance documents in full to determine cover.

A removal company has more to offer

Many man in a van services offer just that – a transit van and a guy to drive it. Most reputable removal companies in Southampton provide so much more. Here at Bradbeers Removal and Storage, we provide you with packing materials (and we’ll even help you pack as well!), help disassemble furniture, load and unload our van, placing your items where you want them, and provide storage facilities for those items that are too cumbersome to move.

A removal company can guarantee a safe journey

If you’ve ever ridden in the back of a white van, then you know how bouncy things can get back there. As all removal companies in Southampton will attest, the key to success lies in safely transporting clients’ belongings to their new house in one piece. At Bradbeers, we know our fleet of removal vans inside and out, and know the best way to load them to prevent things bumping and bashing into one another.

A removal company has skill and experience

We’re not saying all man in a van providers lack these qualities but, with a removal company, it is built into their trading history. As one of the most well-established removal companies in Southampton, all Bradbeers staff, from loaders to drivers, are fully-trained and bring years of experience with them to every job. We have an impeccable reputation in the area that only comes from decades of dedicated service.

Choose the right removal company

There are many removal companies in Southampton, so choosing the right one is all-important. The benefits that we’ve listed in this blog entry are only worth it if the removal company in question has all of these features – so be sure to ask before you hire. Remember: whichever removal company you ultimately choose, you’re in charge of the situation and if they can’t promise you these fundamentals… maybe look for a company removal company that can.

Get in touch

Offering all of these benefits and more, it’s little wonder that Bradbeers Removal and Storage is one of the most well-respected removal companies in Southampton. To book us for your big move, give us a call today on 01794 523 022, for your free, no-obligation quote.