Who Needs To Know You’re Moving House?

As one of the premier removal companies in Southampton, we know that our customers have a lot to do as part of the whole removals process. From booking us as a removal company to packing up their belongings and deciding what to keep, what to get rid of, and what to put into storage for the foreseeable future.

Who Do I Need to Inform About My Move?

Even we, one of the most well-established removal companies in Southampton, were surprised at how many people and organizations our customers have to inform of a change of address. When we started this list, we expected maybe a dozen items. Take a look below and you’ll see that a seasoned removal company like Bradbeers can still underestimate the number of people and places you’re expected to contact.

Utilities and Services

This is an important group for two reasons: first, if you’re keeping your same energy supplier (or whatever) then they’ll need to know the address that they’re billing you for in future. Secondly, even if you’re switching providers, if you don’t let your current supplier know that you’re no longer in that property, they may still bill you using estimated figures. Informing later down the line that you’ve vacated the property may not be sufficient for you to get your money back or avoid a massive invoice.

This group includes: water, gas, and electricity providers, as well as whomever, supplies your television, cable/satellite, broadband, and telephone package. You should also inform the Council Tax department for much the same reason. If you rent any appliances like your washing machine or television, then you’ll need to let the rental company know. Speaking of television, one service that’s often overlooked is the TV Licensing people. It’s worth mentioning the Post Office in this category as well – getting your mail redirected is simple to set up and a useful safety net if you forget about this list.

Other Companies

These ones are possibly less vital since they’re unlikely to be billing you in your absence, but they play a major part in most peoples’ lives.

We’re talking things like banks, building societies, and other financial institutions. This also includes credit card and loan providers, as well as pension and insurance companies. If you’re self-employed, then be sure to inform the Inland Revenue, and other relevant government bodies such as the Department for Work and Pensions, or the Child Maintenance Service.

Health Providers

Easily forgotten, but essential for your ongoing healthcare, take the time out to visit your local GP surgery, dentist, and (if relevant) optician to register your details, so they can access your previous records.

Vehicle details

Informing the DVLA and your vehicle insurers about a change in address isn’t just a courtesy but a legal requirement, so be sure to do it ahead of time. Informing your breakdown recovery provider would be a sensible idea, too.

And the Rest

Telling your family and friends might be a good idea (unless that’s the reason you’re moving in the first place, of course!). It’s also worth informing your employer, your children’s school, and any sports clubs or organizations you might belong to. Finally, things like newspaper deliveries and magazine subscriptions will also need informing.

Get in Touch

And there’s one other place to tell: Bradbeers Removal and Storage, Southampton’s top removal company. Granted, you’ll want to tell us a few weeks in advance, but call us on 01794 523 022 for a free quote.